In life and love we are all participants in an infinite, cosmic game. Introducing MIND GAMES, a fragrance debut that transports you to the crucial moments of competition in a test of character, skill and intellect. MIND GAMES compels you to ask yourself, are you a player who risks it all in the opening move, or do you hold your secrets close until the perfect moment? Can you anticipate your opponent’s intent before they take control? Will you use every ounce of skill, and any means necessary, to remain the last player on the board after all the others have fallen? Calculating, deceptive, and devastatingly seductive, MIND GAMES' luxury perfume fragrance brand is a fascinating exploration of passion, prowess, and unrivaled perception.

MIND GAMES links the complex artistry best embodied by the strategy and brilliance of Chess, with the innovative and hypnotic effects of perfumery. The result is an inaugural fragrance line that delivers a scent wardrobe of extreme olfactive signatures. Our niche fragrances are crafted by Master Perfumers, housed in statuesque bottles, and intricately contrived to embolden your obsessions. Each scent from our luxury perfume fragrance brand mirrors the significance behind every move a player makes, and stunning combinations of ingredients transform the initial impression of every fragrance. Each note is carefully considered and selected, performing an essential role in the grand scheme, comprising a collection as layered, nuanced, and insightful as the ideas that inspired them. Make your next move, with a brand that seduces the mind, overtakes the senses, and places the power of destiny at your fingertips.

Artisan Collection


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Art of design

Design at its heart is an inspired blend of vision, passion, and attention to detail. The creators of MIND GAMES designer perfume brand believe that every element of the design should coalesce into a profound statement of art. From the intricate detailing and materials used in our bottles, to the elegant compositions they contain, each fragrance is designed to tell a story from the outside in. Combining the superior quality of our ingredients with vivid emotional expressions, the result is exceptional and intriguing pieces of art to be cherished for years to come.

Art of perfumery

At MIND GAMES we are proud to partner with niche fragrance house Symrise, and their world-renowned master perfumers. Together we have carefully sourced and selected the highest quality ingredients to craft premium fragrances that are long lasting, evocative, and individually distinguished. Each fragrance honors the perfumer’s odyssey, immersing you in an intricate story articulated through scent. Their quest for perfection in each element brings to mind the importance of each player on a chess board, and their preference for complexity, reflects the poignancy and intellect found only in the most stimulating MIND GAMES.


We strive not only to create something beautiful in our luxury perfume fragrance brand, but to create something that captivates and invigorates the imagination, spirit, and mind. Each bottle is a conception of self-expression, celebrating the distinct and astonishing workings of the mind. Our stories are not inspired by a simple game of chess, but rather the heritage, craftsmanship, and design it exemplifies. The fragrances of MIND GAMES represent the triumph of spirit that accompanies each victory, the strategies that take an opponent by surprise, the long tradition of excellence, and the infinite possibility each player holds.


A collection that embodies the strength and unity of pawns, collective assuredness and dedication to uphold each other. The Pawn’s character is determined, ambitious, and fearless and each fragrance within is intricately crafted to be worn alone or layered with each other to create a unique fragrance experience every time.

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At MIND GAMES we made sustainability a foundational value and a necessary consideration in every aspect of our operations. We are proud to have established and implemented business strategies that positively impact our communities and protect our environment. These initiatives include investing in a diverse team with expert and innovative points of view, holding our trade and labor practices to the highest ethical standard, and limiting production to minimize the strain on our supply of natural resources. Our fragrance house Symrise, is a global leader in their industry and is recognized as much for their commitment to sustainability as they are for their impressive portfolio. Symrise is top-rated across all sustainability rating agencies, and for the past 2 years was awarded Platinum Status by the ecovadis rating agency, a distinction reserved for the top 1% of businesses rated.

We are confident that our perfume brand's sustainable approach to efficiently manufacture highest quality fragrances while taking environmental and societal concerns into account will make a shift in industry standards. From sourcing raw materials, to investments in green technology, or research and development of sustainable methods of packaging and disposal, our partner Symrise is continuously proving they are at the forefront of sustainability and have every intention of taking their efforts even further. We are hopeful that our actions inspire others in our industry and beyond to recognize the power in responsible business principles, and that our dedication, along with your support, to protecting our natural resources, reducing waste, and creating an equitable society will result in a demonstrable shift to a more sustainable way of life and brighter tomorrow for our families and our planet.


Minimizing our environmental footprint across the value chain


Maximize the sustainability of our supply chain and raw materials


Maximize the positive social & environmental impacts of our products


Improve the well-being of our stakeholder communities




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