10 Piece Limited Set


The Limited Edition Discovery Set is a limited-edition numbered offering of only 1,000 units. This exclusive set includes 10 reusable solid Zamak travel cases with 8 ML unisex extrait de parfum atomizers–housed in a luxury display case.

Fragrances Included: Checkmate: Chypre Floral Tobacco Caïssa: Floral White & Floral Woody As-suli’s Diamond: Woody Aromatic Incense Blockade: Woody Leathery Fruity Castling: Woody Floral Fruity Grand Master: Floriental Floral Edible Gardez: Woody Floral Leathery Scholar’s Mate: Woody Aromatic Floral Double Attack: Citrus Woody Edible J’adoube: Woody Floral Fruity

Extrait de Parfum


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