Blockade Travel Trio 3 x 7.5ml


Smooth, calculated, and dynamic scents of Blockade make it a fragrance that inspires action and growth. Warm notes rooted in leather, oud, and amber, prompts us to view our vices, vulnerabilities, and fragility as a source of transformation. Shifting the mindset, a vivacious freshness takes hold as mango, spicy pepper, and tomato leaf permeate what was once impenetrable.

The Travel Trio includes 3-7.5ml travel sized vials of Blockade and a luxurious zamak atomizer to house them in. 

Artisan Collection

Top: Mango Skin, Pink Pepper, Tomato Leaf, Bergamot Capua
Middle: Lavender, Mango Flower, Watery Cyclamen, Star Anise
Drydown: Cuir Velours DI, Patchouli, Ambrostar, Oud

Woody Leathery Fruity


- 100% traceable
- Sustainable sourcing program with farmers
- COSMOS natural & organic compliant
- Training locals to create organic fertilizer and pesticide
- Research into drought and disease resistant patchouli, soil education and training