J'Adoube Travel Trio 3 x 7.5ml


J’adoube begins with a whisper of warning. An intriguing sensation engulfs us in an opening of pomegranate, rouge groseille, and mandarin, as the fragrance surges forward in a wave of tantalizing sweetness. Its evolution towards a bold and deep base of leather, patchouli, and ambrostar, brings focus to chaos while remaining wholly spontaneous and free.

The Travel Trio includes 3-7.5ml travel-sized fragrance vials of J'Adoube and a luxurious zamak atomizer to house them in.

Artisan Collection

Top: Rouge Groseille DI, Mandarin Oil Madagascar
Middle: Bright Red Pomegranate, Damascene Rose
Drydown: Ambrostar, Benzoin Vintage Leather, Patchouli Oil, Sulawesi

Floral Woody Fruity


- 100% traceable
- Exclusive sustainable sourcing program with farmers
- COSMOS natural & organic compliant
- Done on a mass balance basis
- Training locals to create organic fertilizer and pesticide
- Research into drought and disease resistant patchouli, soil education and training


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