Limited Edition Luxury Candle Set and Chessboard, 12 x 56g


The MIND GAMES collection of artisanal candles captures the elegance and strategic brilliance of chess. Each exquisite candle is meticulously crafted, featuring sophisticated design and captivating fragrances. When arranged on the included luxury metal chessboard in a chess composition, the candle set forms a centerpiece that embraces timeless beauty and sophistication.

The King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn signify balanced forces, representing the harmonious interplay between opposing sides. With myriad paths to checkmate, this collection encompasses the limitless potential within the realm of chess.

Set Includes: 

  • G8 - Black King: Labdanum and oud are skillfully blended with earthy notes of oakwood and vetiver, heightened by the refreshing fragrance of grapefruit and delicate pink roses.
  • A4 - Black Queen: Luminous floral notes, cassis, and exotic pink pepper are beautifully balanced with warm notes of amber and musk.
  • F6 - Black Bishop: The warm scent of petitgrain and orange blossom mixed with fresh bergamot, bitter orange, neroli, and amber notes.
  • B4 - Black Knight: Bold citrus fruits are layered against distinctive woody notes, with rich hints of cassis and strawberry, and a warm finish of amber.
  • A8 - Black Rook: Addictive cherry is contrasted with delicate rose and jasmine petals, harmoniously accompanied by creamy sandalwood and tonka bean notes.
  • G7 - Black Pawn: The enticing scents of juniper, cypress, and fir blend effortlessly with the mysterious presence of incense smoke and guaiac wood.
  • B1 - White King: The combination of rum and cognac gracefully mingles with the fruity scents of plum and apple. As the scent unfolds, it reveals an alluring blend of chestnut and vanilla.
  • H5 - White Queen: The fragrance opens with vibrant bergamot and a hint of saffron, seamlessly merging into the rich heart of tobacco. The creamy scent of tonka bean envelops the opening elements, enhancing the sweet and intimate facets of the tobacco.
  • C3 - White Bishop: Harmonious blend of crisp apple, zesty lemon, and fresh ginger in top notes. At its heart lies delicate white roses complemented by rich cedarwood, sensual musk, and exotic ambergris undertones.
  • G5 - White Knight: The candle unfolds with a floral bouquet featuring bold notes of iris and freesia, which are then beautifully intertwined with the creamy essence of jasmine and enriched with soothing hints of vanilla and milk.
  • H1 - White Rook: Ambergris delights with intense dualism. Creamy, floral jasmine and rich, golden ambers clash with the green lushness of mossy cedarwood and the cooling spray of icy sea salt.
  • B2 - White Pawn: Invigorating freshness illuminates the senses with aromatic spices, juicy mandarin, lemon, and peppermint. In the heart of the scent green eucalyptus followed by the woody trail of cedar.