Perfect Pair - J'adoube and Blockade + Ceramic Gift


Discover the perfect MIND GAMES layering scents with the perfect designer perfume pair set. The set includes both the J'adoube and Blockade fragrances housed in a fancy perfume gift set box, along with a complimentary ceramic gift. The ceramic can be sprayed with both scents and placed in any location for a long-lasting effect.

J'adoube Notes

Top: Rouge Groseille DI, Mandarin Oil Madagascar
Middle: Bright Red Pomegranate, Damascene Rose
Drydown: Ambrostar, Benzoin Vintage Leather, Patchouli Oil, Sulawesi

Blockade Notes

Top: Mango Skin, Pink Pepper, Tomato Leaf, Bergamot Capua
Middle: Lavender, Mango Flower, Watery Cyclamen, Star Anise
Drydown: Cuir Velours DI, Patchouli, Ambrostar, Oud

Artisan Collection